Full Head Bond hair systems are a permanent hair replacement procedure. This type of hair replacement system is worn and attached with the use of a medical grade adhesive (cream adhesive) or tape called Gio-Bond. Full head bond hair replacements are of a full skin foundation (base) or a full lace foundation.

The principal of the full head bond hair replacement is to give the wearer complete attachment to the scalp. The wear time for the cream adhesive is about 3-4 weeks and the Gio-Bond tape lasts 2-3 weeks. When professionally attached and worn properly the benefit to the wearer is that there are no bumps, lumps, or ridges. Even when you run your fingers through the hair, it should feel like a normal head of hair.

Attaching a full head bond with the cream adhesive does require special care as an application of the adhesive is required on the scalp and on the base of the hair replacement. When applied sparingly it will appear as a white solution and needs to cure (transparent) on the skin and on the base before attaching the hair system to the scalp. Application should be slow from front to back (or from back to front). When the two cured adhesives meet, an instant bond will take place. The scalp should be clear of all hair where this method is used. A shaved scalp works best for a full head bond with cream adhesive.

Attaching a full head bond with Gio-Bond tape is considerably easier. The Gio-Bond tape is attached all over the base of the hair system. After removal of the tape cover (double sided), application can take place. The tape is designed to act like the cream adhesive and can give an excellent full head bond.

A full head bond is secure, but is very difficult to do on your own (especially until you get used to it). Bianca’s Hair Salon in Vancouver will be happy to assist you in all aspects of caring and maintaining your full head bond hair replacement. Come and visit us for a free consultation.